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Hope for the Heart

Talk with June Hunt on Hope in the Night

June in studio photo

Struggling with a difficult life issue?

June would love to talk with you! No matter what you’re facing, June will listen with compassion and provide practical guidance from God’s Word.

To be a guest on Hope in the Night, simply fill out the form below and our team will follow up with you as soon as possible.

“I'm grateful to have been one of your callers on Hope in the Night.
Thank you for helping people know the love and transforming power of Jesus Christ.”


“June, thank you for your program.
You speak to people with so much patience, respect,
sweetness, compassion, and wisdom – always with the Word of God.
You help everyone get clarity in just a phone call.”


Disclaimer: We protect each caller’s privacy by using a different name on Hope in Night. Our team reserves the right to choose the guests on the show. We will review your form and follow up with you accordingly.


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