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Hope for the Heart

Biblical Hope and Practical Help

Hope for the Heart is a worldwide biblical caregiving, coaching, and counseling ministry providing biblical hope and practical help for life’s challenges. We’re passionate about helping people apply God’s Word to life. We pray that God will use our biblical resources to help you overcome challenges, grow personally, and equip you to help others.

Biblical Resources for You

  • Keys for Living Library Short helpful books with clear answers from God’s answer and concise, practical guidance on life’s challenges.
  • Lifeline to Hope A suite of video-based courses on lay caregiving designed to equip people to provide support, encouragement, and spiritual care to those in need.
  • Radio Broadcast Hope in the Night is a live, one-hour, call-in counseling program with June Hunt sharing biblical guidance to real callers facing real challenges.
  • June’s Place Helpful books, Bible studies, music, and more from Hope for the Heart Founder, June Hunt.
  • Counseling Services HopeWorks Counseling provides professional counseling (in-person and teletherapy) for individuals, couples, families, and groups.
  • Free Downloads Find quick answers and biblical guidance to everyday problems with our free, downloadable life guides.

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